Japan Family Business with Succession Challenge

Japan Family Business with Succession Challenge

The post-war Japan has seen tremendous economic growth. The Japanese culture of quality pursuit and a hardworking workforce have produced a large number of successful industrialists.  Many of these companies have now grown to a good size, with advanced production facilities and stable customer base in the region.


These mid-size companies are still owned by their founders.  Naturally, the owner wants to pass the business onto his children.  But as years pass by, many realize that their children are often not interested or capable in taking over leadership.

At the same time, the domestic economy is not growing.  Many are pressured by international competition, as the marketplace becomes more globalized.  M&A with a domestic competitor is a solution to ensure business growth.  However, this is often not desirable due to fear that current management will be undermined.

Cross-border M&A can be a better solution.  Current management can be retained to do what they do best domestically.  The new overseas shareholder/joint-venture partner can add global business synergy.

MYTS Advisory acts either as advisor to Japanese client with the above needs, helping them find suitable international equity partners, or we help Western clients look for suitable investment in Japan.

Founded in 1987, MYTS Group is the biggest Japanese accounting and consulting firm in China, with close to 400 staff in China, Japan, and Hong Kong, and around 3000 corporate clients.
Our Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai offices are the focal points for connecting our Japanese and non-Japanese companies, to help achieve cross border synergies.


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