Life – an amazing piece of code

Life – an amazing piece of code


Just a few variations of a class of molecule called nucleotides, but quite a lot of them, aligning sequentially, can provide the blueprint for constructing complex protein molecules that form tissues and organs that are capable of communicating with one another,  using raw materials from the environment.

In around 40 weeks time, a new physical manifestation of the codes represented by the nucleotide sequence appears.  These codes then use the manifestation to create another manifestation of themselves.  Again and again.

A phenomenon called life.  Truly fascinating.

The even more amazing thing is, these manifestations become aware of themselves, learn to communicate with one another, know to pursue meaning and happiness,  and the knowledge about their very own construction, and how the universe they inhabit works.

Human Life.  Truly amazing.  No matter how you want to describe  it.

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