Very fast SD card needed to format as phone memory

Very fast SD card needed to format as phone memory

Android 6 has a new feature to allow an SD memory card to be used as internal phone memory.  Great!  But read this before you go out to buy a new SD card.

This is great news as many older phones have not so much internal memory, but a lot of unnecessary apps that come with the phone which you cannot uninstall.

Mine is an HTC e8.  Yes it is an old model (more than 2 years!) But it has been working well except I run out of phone memory all the time.

So the new Android 6 feature was timely.  But it wasn’t easy to make it work.

First, you’ll need a very fast SD card.  And your computer shopkeeper will have no idea how fast is fast enough for this purpose.  Neither could I find any info from Google search (hence I am writing this article to share my experience)

My existing SD card simply wouldn’t work.  Android said this card is too slow and cannot be used as phone memory.  The screen actually suggested the type of SD card needed.

But such type was not available in the computer shop (a large chain store selling only computer stuff).

There are actually many types of SD cards according to Wikipedia, each has its speed specification.

I ended up buying the fattest one which says 80MBs (up to)


But Android still said it is not fast enough and refuse to use it as phone memory.


Then I realize 90 only refers to the read speed.  The very very small print at the back says the write speed was only 10.

Such unethical false advertising!

So I went to buy another one, this time with write speed of (up to) 90.
(For fast model, they actually print the write speed in readable size at the back)


Now Android said this card was still not fast enough, but it would format it for me but warned me that performance won’t be good.


Of course I went ahead.  I wasn’t gonna but another card.  None faster was available anyway.

The formatting was successful, and there was a function to move some data over to the card.

Now my phone has enough memory to last another couple of years, and I can now update all my apps at once.

Too bad I now don’t have the excuse to buy the new HTC 10.

(To format an SD card to be used as phone memory, go to setting, storage.  Android 6 only.)

4 thoughts on “Very fast SD card needed to format as phone memory

  1. Hello Leroy, thank you for this article. It looks like you wrote this in June 2016. Now that you have had your USH-3 card as ‘Internal storage’ for three months, is everything still working well?
    I have also bought a UHS-3 card to use in an Android Marshmallow tablet. I would like to format it as internal storage, but so far I have found no reports to say how reliable a UHS-3 card is over time. Does it get slower, are there problems identifying free space, is it simply better to continue using microSD cards as removable storage only?
    Many thanks.

    1. All working well so far. The phone is slower than before but then I have so many more apps on it. I should have bought even faster card but none available at the time at my nearby shop…

    2. Hey not sure if I’d answered your question after re reading it. I had to use SD card as phone memory because I didn’t have enough phone memory. If you don’t need extra phone memory, I suppose there is no need. Your phone would be slowed down if your SD card is slower than your original phone memory (which is my case). Hopes this makes better sense.

      1. Thanks Leroy,  that sounds encouraging. I have a 16Gb tablet, and a 32Gb UHS-3 card. I bought this  tablet for my Father. He will not use the tablet for games, just relatively simple apps e.g. Amazon, Banking, BBC News, eBay etc.
        The Tablet is only half full. He would intend to use the SD card itself for photos and video, maybe for downloading a TV programme or a film. So perhaps for him it would be better to format the card as Removable storage, so he can take advantage of the UHS-3 speed for taking photos and recording video?
        You say that your phone is slower. Is it only slower when loading apps? So once the app is running, you would not notice the difference?
        I bought the tablet specifically because it has Marshmallow installed, and that I could use the card as adoptable storage for the OS. But if it slows the tablet enough to make it annoying to use then I will continue to use the SD card in the traditional way as removable storage. It is not an expensive tablet at all, possibly quite cheap components (a low priced Lenovo tablet). Maybe the smoothest performance is better for him.
        If it was my tablet, I would definitely format the card for internal storage… but it is not mine 🙂
        Many thanks.

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