Originally from Hong Kong, Leroy speaks fluent Japanese, Chinese and English. He has lived and worked in London, Tokyo, Shanghai and Manila.

After graduating MBA from London Business School in the 90’s, Leroy joined a multi-national oil company in the UK. He advised the CEO at the negotiation table of a $800m global deal.

He was then CFO for an international company in Japan. Later in his career, he became the VP of Sales for a global IT company, responsible for large deals with corporate customers in Japan, China and Hong Kong. In the second year of his software sales role, he became the only sales leader in Asia to win the global sales award. A nice free holiday to Istanbul.

He also worked as China Country Manager for a large US multi-national. Throughout his career, he has worked on startups and put together a number of projects and deals.

Currently, Leroy is a business advisor with MYTS, a Japanese accounting firm, based in Hong Kong, covering China and Japan.

Leroy likes sports and outdoors activities. He was water polo national team player for Hong Kong, attended the Asian Games in Beijing in 1990.

In 1984, he saved the life of a drowning woman from the Victoria harbour, and was awarded “Model Citizen” by the Hong Kong government.

He hates driving cars, but likes motorcycle and bicycles. Two wheels good, four wheels bad. He currently rides a 850cc Aprilia. Recently, his beloved antique Cannondale mountain bike was stowed away, to make space for a baby bed.

He loves languages and communication, including computer languages. He developed an accounting system when he was young. The system had been used by the company he worked for for almost ten years. Recently, while helping to organize an international beach water polo tournament, he built a mobile-based system that allows real-time publishing of sports tournament schedule and results (www.PaperlessTournament.com). He is offering this to other sports organisers to use for free.